Ten Tips for Buying a New Build Homes

Ten Tips for Buying New Build Homes

Ten Tips for Buying a New Build Homes

Buying a new build home requires as much care and thought as buying an older property. But fear not, we have ten top tips for buying new build homes that will ensure your purchase goes smoothly.

Our top ten choices are based on twenty years experience of moving people in to their new build homes and reflect what we consider to be the most important issues to consider before you sign the dotted line.

Get a Snagging Report

Get your home professionally inspected by an independent snagging company that has no relation to the developer, such as MDR Home Inspections. Ideally you want this before legal completion so that the developer has a chance to rectify the faults

Get a Solicitor with a Proven Track Record

Ensure you have a competent conveyancing solicitor who has a sound record of negotiating retentions and delaying completion dates until defects are complete. Do not always use the solicitor the developer offers, they may have hidden agenda's often to do with speeding up the process of legal completion. If you need a fixed legal completion date, ensure your conveyancing solicitor is aware of this so they can get a completion date written into the contract.

Do Some Research

Do some homework on the house builder? Look at their website and check out their reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask them about negative comments. The way in which they respond will tell you a lot about how they value customer service.

Check the Warranty

Check the property has a warranty from a well recognized provider, for example,Zurich,LABC. These do not guarantee your home will be defect free but provide a ten year insurance policy for the property to cover structural defects etc.

Ask About the Development

Check to see what else will be on the development e.g. affordable housing etc. Who it will be managed by? This may affect your decision to purchase and the sales team may not always offer this information.

Look for Incentives

Negotiate. Most developers are happy to add something as an incentive, usually in the way of landscaping ( turf ) or appliances or carpet/ karndean. Never appear too keen. Let them do the work, they want your business.

Check the Plans

Check all house plans, drainage plans, landscaping plans carefully especially if you buy off plan. Artist impressions on the boards in the sales centre often do not reflect how the site will look once finished. If you feel that the property has been misdescribed you can contact trading standards in the area where the development is taking place.

Take a Look Around the Site

Check how well the site is being managed. If it looks untidy that tells you that care and attention is not being controlled. See if the site manager has got any accolades and try to speak to residents on site who have moved in to get a feel for after care etc.

Check Your New Home Measures Up

Make sure you check ceiling heights on the property, stair heights,car park widths. Most single garages now are very tight for normal sized cars.

Keep Checking

If you have a warranty provider, it is worth re-inspecting your house every six months during the first two years of the house life. This will give the developer the necessary time to be able to correct faults. If they are not prepared to correct them, the warranty provider will engage the developer to act on your behalf. Normal shrinkage cracks caused by artificial heat are worth waiting six to twelve months to allow the building to settle.

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