The Importance of Snagging Inspections for Your New Property

The importance of snagging inspections for your new home.

The Importance of Snagging Inspections for Your New Property

Since forming MDR Home Inspections we have completed numerous new build snagging inspections throughout the country on behalf of customers, to which we have come across some sound and unsound properties. The Importance of having an opportunity to snag your property becomes more evident each time we complete an inspection. For this reason, you should never feel obligated into accepting a product if the product does not match your expectation level. Whether this relates to buying a house or buying a car, the principle remains the same. Snagging Inspections are a fundamental part to realising your expectations and should not be considered a chore prior to you moving in. It is an opportunity for the developer to establish a close relationship with one of its customers.

All too often have we seen the scenario where the developer disengages with the customer because they have already completed. This philosophy needs to change if the construction Industry is to improve its current image.

Since undertaking snagging works, we have tailored our requirements to that of the customer, now providing project management and advice of issues to remove any uncomfortable conversations between the site team and the purchaser where they feel let down by the lack of care and attention they feel has not been dedicated in perfecting the final product. Ultimately, the Snagging Inspection process should be embraced by Developers and national house builders in giving the customer opportunity in feeling excited they have contributed to the build process. This creates a trust that snagging issues will be resolved either before or after completion and they don’t feel disregarded once the money is in their accounts. This is why new build snagging companies feel they can support both the developer and the customer at this crucial time knowing it is the biggest single investment you will ever make.

Certainly in our eyes, if I had a seal of approval from an independent snagging company that backs the product I’m selling, my customers would have confidence in our product.

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