Pre-purchaser Guidance for Your New Home

Pre-purchaser Guidance for Your New Home

House Builders Snagging

Snagging a home before a Pre-Purchase building inspection takes place can be split into two distinct categories in which to recognise how a home should look. These are;

1. Aesthetic
2. Structural/ Functional

Prior to addressing the above points, the majority of National House Builders will have some control measures in place during the build process. This is where the warranty Inspector would inspect at different stages, for example, Slab/ Drainage/Super-Structure/Pre-Plaster and Build Completion. However, a constant throughout the whole build process is the site management team. Snagging defects can be a contentious area to agree on between both the purchaser and the developer to deem what is/is not acceptable. Sometimes the quality of the finish can often be overshadowed by the buying process, however, as the purchaser moves in, problems with the build can then grow out of proportion to the overall look of the new home.


House builders have guidelines to work within from both British Standards and the warranty provider, for example NHBC. These Guidelines permit what is deemed acceptable or not. However, this is not always deemed acceptable to the purchaser who has a much higher level of expectation. NHBC’s Guidance ‘ A consistent approach to finishes ‘ is used by their own Inspectors on Mediation matters which sets out allowable tolerances to which the builder can work within.

Structural/ Functional

As a general rule, checking the house to make sure the structure is safe is an on-going build process which the site management team should keep a close eye on. It can be said the same for the functionality. This would involve making sure doors open/lock, windows open/lock, toilets flush/ wash hand basin/ showers work/ extract fans etc. A pre -purchase building inspection would be carried out by the warranty provider beforehand to ensure compliance of these simple functions.

In the first instance, a site manager or foreman should carry out a comprehensive inspection of the house, both internally and externally. Defects found are then made aware to the tradesmen concerned for them to address. Once this is complete, and prior to a purchase house inspection by the customer, it is common practice for a sales manager to walk the unit to identify any other issues that need addressing. They will conduct this process through the eyes of the customer before they complete their Pre-Purchase building Inspection.

During the process, the site team can get the NHBC or other warranty provider to conduct a build complete inspection. This is to ensure the house is compliant within the standards as they are effectively insuring your home. It is important to note that NHBC Inspectors are not there to inspect your property and this will not held up the CML certificate ( Practical completion certificate ). Any minor issues that need addressing to are listed as ‘Green Items’. These are listed in the NHBC folder the site manager will have on-site, something not seen by the Purchaser. In the event of a major item, for example, incomplete boundary wall/fence, then the CML certificate cannot be served resulting in the pre-purchase building inspection being delayed.

Once the CML has been issued by the warranty Inspector, the sales and Site Team will then offer you the opportunity to inspect your home ahead of the Legal completion date. Organisations like MDR Home Inspections offer a snagging service who can do this on your behalf. However, it is important for you to attend the Pre-occupation inspection as the Site Manager will demonstrate how fixtures and fittings work. If you do not use a snagging company, you have the opportunity to highlight areas you are dissatisfied with.

Professional Snagging Inspection or Do it Yourself?

Having a Professional Snagging Inspection to take the stress out of what is already a hectic time for House Purchasers can be just what is needed for the relatively low cost of what is would be. You effectively do this by ordering removal companies to move your household goods because you dont want the hassle of doing it yourself.

The House Inspection Process can be a long, heightened stress process, something that can be accompanied by, by employing experienced professional qualified inspectors. Why leave it to chance?. The only thing that matters is that you get the quality build for the Large Investment you have Made.

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