Show Home Secrets

What is and is not included
show home secrets, how builders and developers cheat

Show Home Secrets

It is now very common for house builders to present their developments using show homes to sell homes off-plan. However, this can be mis-leading knowing what is and what is not included within the specification. The guide below highlights some tricks used to sell homes off-plan allowing you to make informed decisions about the purchase.

22% of show homes contained undersized furniture and 36% contained less than the normal amount of furniture. - Office of Fair Trading

Developers can spend thousands of pounds on show homes employing specialist services, for example, interior designers and landscapers. Here are some of the tactics to be aware of: –

  • All lights will be on to give the show home a light airy feel .
  • Internal Doors will always be open or even removed to create an impression that the show home is bigger than it actually is.
  • Wall colours – Lighter colours will also make a room feel and look bigger.
  • Glass Mirrors and smaller than standard furniture will provide a feeling of a greater floor space.
  • Bedrooms may only have a bed and side table or chest of drawers. Wardrobes may be missing to give the impression of  a more spacious bedroom.
  • Fixtures and fittings will be to the upgraded specification and not standard. Be aware of fittings that are not included with
  • Heating will always be on, and set to a high temperature to ensure that you spend less time inside the show home. Remember that sales teams are trying to create the “wow factor” for potential purchasers and don’t want you looking too long and hard at how they achieve that.
  • Landscaped gardens are professionally done. Your garden will not look like the show home upon completion.


Show Homes – Advice for Purchasers

Check the specification of the house you are buying as the show home could and will be different. Ensure you are happy before you sign. The show home may not be the same model of property that you intend to buy so try to get an viewing of the same model property you are buying. Remember you are not purchasing the show home. Ensure you fully understand the house plan and check room sizes for furniture that you to use. These will affect where items go. Also ceiling heights could affect wall units.

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