How to choose a Snagging Company?

Snagging company - How to choose the best snagging company?

How to choose a Snagging Company?

Top Tips for Choosing a Snagging Company

  1. You should choose a snagging company by looking at their customer reviews on a few trusted review sites such as Google or Yell.
  2. Checkout their prices as well as quizzing them about their experience and knowledge in the building trade.
  3. Request to see a previous or sample inspections report and find out what is included in their price.
  4. Ask what they will do after the report, whether they will help you to negotiate the repairs with the housebuilder.  At MDR Home Inspections, we offer to project manage snagging lists on request from the purchasers.
  5. It is well worth trying to meet the surveyor before they start the inspection so you can talk over any concerns you may have.
  6. Try to gauge how they will approach the survey to see if it matches your expectations. Sometimes a company can go overboard with checking too much and not looking at the fundamentals which should be the structure itself first.

Michael’s advise Tip; when looking at snagging companies, get quotes from three different companies to make sure you are getting a fair price. Larger companies will usually have more overhead costs to cover which ultimately inflates the quote price.

Also, try to pass the costs onto the developer by adding it to your purchase contract.

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