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  • Buying a new home is a thrill, especially if it’s brand new and you’re therefore going to be the first people to ever live in the house. Yet it can also be overwhelming

  • Buying a new home should be a time of excitement and anticipation. If you’re buying a new-build property then this is even more the case, given that you’ll be the first ever people

  • Look virtually anywhere in the media and you’ll see reports that suggest that there is a housing crisis in the United Kingdom. It’s resulted in increased house prices e

  • Since forming MDR Home Inspections we have completed numerous new build snagging inspections throughout the country on behalf of customers, to which we have come across some sound

  • House Builders Snagging Snagging a home before a Pre-Purchase building inspection takes place can be split into two distinct categories in which to recognise how a home should look

  • New Home Snagging New home snagging has become an absolute must. In the current climate the UK is currently delivering between 150-170,000 new homes a year. In line with Government

  • Looking for a home in mint condition?you might think buying a new build is the answer, but new does not necessarily mean flawless. New built properties are known for minor defects

  • Since 2005, on the instigation of the government, the House builders Federation and NHBC have commissioned an annual survey on satisfaction with new homes. In 2015, it was reported

  • Top Tips for Choosing a Snagging Company You should choose a snagging company by looking at their customer reviews on a few trusted review sites such as Google or Yell. Checkout th

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