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Inspection Services – MDR Home Inspections

The inspector will advise the client by means of a written report as to his or her experienced opinion of the visible standard of condition of the property at the time of inspection (No guarantee can be given or offered after this date as others may have access to the property post inspection).

Photos may be taken on site by the inspector, but will not be used without prior consent of the home owner. These may be used with permission to promote website enquiries.

Any areas not inspected for any reason will be identified within the survey. These may be , but are not limited to areas such as Loft Spaces or telecoms which are not available or connected at the time of connection.

The inspector will report upon the main aspects of the property to an accepted benchmark quality standard, normally the Warranty provider standard (both internally and externally, referring to individual warranty technical standards where applicable/necessary, building regulations and on occasion making recommendations for improvement.

Other warranty company standards may and will differ from the NHBC standards and clients who hold such warranties should seek advice from MDR Home Inspections and the onsite inspector as to the differences between such warranties and how this may affect them.

MDR Home Inspections will aim to deliver the report via email within 24 – 48 hours of the inspection date, in normal circumstances, Reports will only be posted out to clients by prior arrangement, otherwise these will be emailed.

Fee Payment

The customer will pay a nominal fee, prior to the inspection date, with the balance applicable upon completion of the survey.

Where the MDR inspector is unable to gain entry, refused entry by the site or is asked to leave the premises at any point during the inspection, 60% of the Inspection fee will be due (in order to recover some of our costs) so it’s up to the client to ensure that access arrangements are confirmed in writing to us , and with the builder . MDR will always confirm access arrangements, where we fail to ensure access arrangements, there will be no costs to the client as a result.

Fee Payment (Cancellation policy)

Should clients wish to cancel the inspection they can do so at any time, for any reason, there is no cancellation fee so long as the client has confirmed the cancellation with the office by telephone no later than 17:00 on the day prior to inspection.

Scope of the inspection

There Will be advice on the Data sheet which accompanies the report and this will vary according to the type of property inspected.

Force majeure

Your MDR Home Inspector will endeavour to arrive to the property at the designated time agreed, however MDR shall not be held liable for being late than this due to traffic or anything else which could affect his/her travel arrangements.

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